Design and engineering services

MP Elettronica has been designing electronic circuits and systems for the control of Electromagnetic Vibrators since 1985. All of our circuits can be supplied in the standard configuration or, alternatively, if the quantity required is substantial, they can also be supplied in the configuration required by the client.

Thanks to our in-depth experience and direct contact with the client we constantly improve our product and design new ones. We are therefore able to offer a constant Technical Service that can guide the client in his choice of product and ensure that the products themselves are put to the best use possible. This means that we can supply the best solution to any problem concerning the use of Electromagnetic Vibrators.

Industrial Planning – Engineering

M.P. Elettronica srl can provide an electronic/engineering service with Microprocessor. Our application fields are: Industrial automation, any analog and digital electronic segments and electromagnetic vibration. Starting from basic planning up to the making and production of finished products, we comply with Quality Standards according to ISO9001:2008.


  • Hardware and software project for Industrial automation sector using microprocessors 80CXX –PICXX – ST62XX.
  • Project of analog and power cards.
  • Linear Feeder and Switching.
  • PMW Regulators and CC engines.
  • Single Phase Inverter for vibrators.
  • Single or three phase Static relays.
  • Project of wireless cards operating on free ISM bands (Industry, Scientific and Medical) for remote data collection.

Artwork Design

  • Automatic and/or Manual Routing of one layer or bilayer printed circuits.
  • Automatic and/or Manual Routing of multilayer printed circuits (on request).
  • Use of PIH traditional technology or SMD technology.


  • Assembly of cards using both PIH technology and SMD technology
  • Series realization of power panels, realization of specific electrical products and pneumatic equipment including the industrial connections.
  • Realization of flat cables and multi pole cables in compliance with Customer specifications.