Frequency controller up to 5A at 100-250V for electromagnetic feeders. Compact, performant and user-friendly.

General Details

Frequency controller with visualized frequency (optional) up to 5A. Supply voltage from 100V to 250V. This controller is available in metallic box with two potentiometers and display, with keys and display, with a potentiometer without dispaly or in circuit with DIN35.

General Characteristics

  • Voltage 100-250V, 50-60 Hz
  • Current Limiter 5A
  • Double Input ON/OFF
  • Soft/fast ramp
  • Manual Regulation Amplitude/Frequency (30/80Hz – 80/130Hz)
  • 3000/6000 vpm
  • Vibrator output with connector. Delay 6 sec max ON/OFF vibrator with sensor NPN/PNP or relay contact
  • Automatic Input from PLC 0/10V – 4/20mA
  • Out status Relay.


  • Customized label
  • Connector for vibrator
  • Display Amplitude/Frequency
  • Available Frequency Regulation by inside trimmer
  • Frequency regulation with knob blocked or with keys.


Digital regulation of linear and bowl feeder till 5 Amps. The RF4 PWM allows optimizing operation of the vibratory feeder by searching for its resonance frequency (max performance) thereby eliminating its lengthy and difficult mechanical calibration.

Available Versions

Model Version Colour Dimension Code
RF4PWM/BN Metallic RAL 7035 133 x 133 x 91 PV RF4PW Z2 SBN
RF4PWM/BN Metallic RAL 7035 133 x 133 x 91 PV RF4PW Z2 BDN
RF4PWM/BDN Circuit DIN35 120 x 130 x 90 PV RF4PW D2 SBN
RF4PWM/BDN Circuit DIN35 120 x 130 x 90 PV RF4PW D2 BDN
Feeding Tension 100-250V,  50/60Hz
Consumption 1,5 W max
Max Current 5 A (RMS)
Fuses double 5A F 250V 5×20 H 1500A
Min Load 50 mA (RMS)
On/Off free voltage contact – signal voltage 0/24Vcc
Output Frequency 50 ÷ 100Hz ± 12Hz
Automatic Input 0/10V-4/20mA (with 470 Ohm)
Input Sensor NPN/PNP or Free voltage contact
Delay ON/OFF 0/6 sec
Current Limit 5 Amp.
Storage Temperature -40°C / + 80°C
Operation Temperature -15°C / +45°C
Range of relative humidity 80% till to 31°C
Altitude till to 2000 meters
European Norms EMC CE
Protection Degree IP65 in box (NEMA 4/4X) (POT. ONLY)
Warranty 1 year (from date on circuit)



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