Electronic Controller for Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders.

General Details

Stabilized, optoisolated, compact and economic controller. This controller is available in the following versions: only circuit, circuit with DIN35 support and external potentiometer, plastic or metallic box.

General Characteristics

  • Voltage 115V/230V, 50/60 Hz
  • 3000/6000 vpm
  • Multiple ON/OFF input with double logic
  • Slow/fast ramp
  • Reg. vibration min/max
  • Line input with schuko plug
  • Vibrator output with connector
  • Automatic Input 0/5V-0/10V
  • Led ON (green)
  • Led OFF (red).


  • Box IP65 (NEMA 4/4X)
  • INOX Box
  • Customized label
  • Double speed
  • Connector for vibrator
  • Available with PRX92-PRX99 circuits for NPN-PNP


Regulation of linear feeders and small bowl feeders till 5 Amps.

Available Versions

Type Box Colour Dimensions Code
R4FC Circuit 108 x 84 x 33,5 PV R4FC A2 STD
R4FC DIN Circuit 125 x 85 x 64,5 PV R4FC D2 STD
R4FC Fire-retardant plastic RAL 7035 165 x 100 x 67 PV R4FC Z2 STD
R4FC Aluminum RAL 7035 140 x 115 x 60 PV R4FC Z2 STM
R4FC Aluminum RAL 7035 150 x 100 x 80 PV R4FC Z2 SM1

Feeding Tension 115/230V ± 10% – 50/60 Hz
Consumption 1 W max
Max Current – Min Load 5 A (RMS) – 30 mA (RMS)
Automatic Input 0/5V-0/10V-0/20 mAmp
Frequency of Vibration 3000/6000 vpm (50 Hz) RC-AC
Ramp Time 0,1 sec. / 1 sec. (adjustable)
Min Regulation 80 V ± 30% (230V)
Max Regulation 220 V – 30% (230V)
On/Off free voltage contact/voltage signal 0/24Vcc
Protection Degree IP55 in box (IP65-NEMA4-4X)
Storage Temperature –10°C / +80°C
Operation Temperature –5°C / +55°C
European Norms EMC CE
Warranty 1 year (from date on circuit)

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