Electronic vibrator stop circuit for NPN/PNP sensors.

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General Details

The PRX13 electronic vibrator stop circuit can be used to stop round electromagnetic vibrators or electromagnetic vibratory hoppers through mechanical, inductive, capacitive or optical (photocells) sensors with NPN or PNP outputs. the circuit also features 1 timed delays 0-12 sec. which are adjustable, for stop and start of the vibrator.


Circuit PRX13with external regulation by potentiometers-code PRX13/PEX.


The PRX13 electronic vibrator stop circuit can be used in various configurations, such as:

  • For controlling overflow of a vibratory chute at the output of a round vibrator.
  • For controlling the loading in a round vibrator from a hopper by means of mechanical level indicators.
  • For energizing readout photocells instead of the mechanical device used as level sensor.

hence it is possible to couple our pc boards of the RC series and CV6-CV8, for commanding and automating a complete feeder system.

Thanks to the remarkable compactness and the great reliability guaranteed by galvanic and opto-isolation of the inputs,the PRX13 proves to be a valid help in all those cases where it is required to automate component loading and selection cycles with the aid of mechanical and electronic sensors.

Available Versions

Type Box Colour Dimensions Code
PRX13 Circuito con regolazione tramite trimmers 60 x 45 x 25 PV PRX13 A2 STD
Supply Voltage 230 Vca ± 5% – 50/60 Hz
Consumption 1,5 W max
Inputs For Sensors Optoisolated NO/NC NPN/PNP
Type Of Sensors Mechan.Inductive.Capacitive Or Optical
Supply Voltage For Sensors 12 Vcc
Energization Delay (T1) 0-8 sec. reg.
Output For Vibrator Stop 2 NO/NC 10A 250Vca Max
Position Of Assemblage Horizontal Or Vertical
Temperature Of Storage -10 °C /+80 °C
Temperature Of Operation -5 °C /+55 °C
Range Of Relative Humidity 80%Till To 31 °C
Altitude Till To 2000 Meters