3 Phase Motor-Driven Feeder and input sensor NPN/PNP 3 delay (On/Off - Allarm absence pieces).

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General Details

3 Phase Motor-Driven Feeder and input sensor NPN/PNP 3 delay (On/Off – Allarm absence pieces ). Qualification input for multiple electromagnetic system (linear-bowl feeder hopper).

General Characteristics

  • Voltage 400V  3 phase
  • input sensor NPN/PNP
  • delay ON/OFF max 10 sec.
  • delay and allarm  absence pieces (red Led)
  • supply EV air blow (24Vcc) with delay (2 sec.) pover supply 24Vca
  • 0.1A max
  • Motor Thermal overload relay 1 -1,6A
  • IP65.


  • Label custom
  • Din35 version.


3 Phase Motor-Driven Feeder with NPN/PNP sensor On/Off delay and Allarm delay.

Available Versions

Type Box Colour Dimensions Code
MTR01 Aluminum Box 195 x 130 x 90 PV MTR01 Z6 SM1
MTR01 Circuit 152 x 114 x 50 PV MTR01 A6 STD
MTR01/DIN35 Circuit DIN35 152 x 130 x 50 PV MTR01 D6 DIN
Supply Voltage 3x400V ±10% 50/60 Hz
Consumption 1,5 W max
Fuses 3x400V – 3x230V – 230V
Voltage Motor Termica 1/1,6A (o altri valori)
Protection Motor Thermal Overload relay 1/1,6A
Inputs For Sensors Optoisolated No/Nc Npn/Pnp
Type Of Sensors NPN/PNP sensors
Supply Voltage For Sensors 12 Vcc
Energization Delay (T1) 0-12 Sec.Reg.
De-energization Delay (T2) 0-12 Sec.Reg.
Output For Vibrator Stop 2 No/Nc 10A 250Vca Max
Temperature Of Storage -10 °C /+80 °C
Temperature Of Operation –5°C / +55°C
Delay Alarm 0-30 sec
Supply Voltage EV air blow 24Vcc
Delay Voltage EV air blow 2 sec.
Degree of Protection IP65 in box
Range Of Relative Humidity 80%Till To 31 °C
Altitude Till To 2000 Meters
Guarantee 1 year (from date on circuit)