Controller for vibratory hopper or vibratory bowl feeder or Linear vibrating feeder, with 3 sensors PNP and 5 working logics.

General Details

This module MCP01 can be used for the automatic driving of a system made up of: 1 vibrating system, with 3 PNP sensors, air blow output, absence pieces alarm, production counter, password, 5 working logics, with all parameters selectable from the keyboard.

General Characteristics

  • Voltage 100V-250V, 50/60 Hz
  • Max current 10A
  • 3000/6000 vib/min
  • 3 PNP sensor inputs for the flow control of the material/air blow/pieces presence, counting pieces.
  • Slow/Fast ramp (0 ÷ 60 sec.)
  • Digital Regulation amplitude min/max
  • 5 outputs (24Vdc) for air-jet, part presence, counter, Time Out CH1 and EV ON/OFF
  • 1 output status+ 24v (Power on-enable on), channel status CH1.
  • Vibrator output  with connector
  • Delay stop EV air blow (0 ÷ 60 sec.)
  • Time Alarm absence pieces (0 ÷ 180 sec.)


  • Personalized label
  • External Connector for vibrator and supply voltage.
  • SW custom.


Controller for vibratory Hopper or Bowl feeder or Linear vibratory feeder, with 3 sensors PNP and 5 working logics.

Available versions

Type Box Colour Dimensions Code
MCP01 Metallic Grey 100 x 180 x 190 PV MCP01 Z2 STD
Supply Voltage 100V-250V +/- 5% 50/60Hz
Current Max 10A (RMS)
Fuses 10A F 250V (EN 627-2 CEI)
Min. Load 50 mA (RMS)
Frequency of Vibration 3000/6000 V/min. (50Hz)
Time of Ramp 0-60 sec.
Regolation Min. 0% (0V)
Regolation Max 100% (220V)
Delay On/Off PNP 0-60 sec.
Alarm Time 0-180 sec.
Sensor Input optoisolated PNP
Degree of pollution 2
Position of Assemblage horizontal or vertical
Degree of Protection IP54
Temperature of Storage -15 °C / + 80 °C
Temperature of Operation -5 °C / + 45 °C
Range of Relative humidity 80% till to 31°C
Installation Class II
Altitude till to 2000 meters
European Norms EMC CE
Guarantee 1 year (from date on circuit)



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