Frequency controller up to 6A with user-friendly interface. Perfect to avoid mechanical tuning in markets with different Hz. Possibility to have amplitude sensor.

General Details

Professional controller with visualized frequency and amplitude – Automatic frequency search – Delay 20 sec max On/Off vibrator with sensor PNP or relay contact – Automatic input 0/10V or 0/20mA – Status relay – 2nd PNP sensor – E.V. air blow – Alarm absence pieces – Lamp alarm – Current limiter – 4 working logics.

General Characteristics

  • Supply voltage 110V-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Automatic frequency search
  • Input ON/OFF
  • Time ramp Start/Stop
  • Regulation amplitude/frequency (5-140Hz)
  • Current limiter (from 1A to 6A)
  • Delay EV air blow (0 ÷ 2 sec.)
  • Alarm absence pieces (0 ÷ 180 sec.)
  • Lamp alarm (24Vcc).


  • Personalized label
  • Amplitude sensor Sind3
  • SW custom.


Digital regulation of linear and bowl feeder till 6 Amps – The FQ2NG allows optimizing operation of the vibratory feeder by searching for its resonance frequency (max performance) thereby eliminating its lengthy and difficult mechanical calibration – Qualification input for multiple electromagnetic system (linear – blow feeder – hopper).

Available Versions

Type Box Colour Dimensions Code
FQ2NG Metallic GREY 100 x 210 x 70 PV FQ2NG Z2 STD
SENSOR SIND3 Aluminium 45 x 43 x 19 PV SIND3 A2 STD

Modello CAD 3D

Download file .step
[canvasio3D width=”640″ height=”640″ border=”1″ borderCol=”#F6F6F6″ dropShadow=”0″ backCol=”#FFFFFF” backImg=”” mouse=”on” rollMode=”off” rollSpeedH=”0″ rollSpeedV=”0″ objPath=”” objScale=”2″ objColor=”#707070″ lightSet=”7″ reflection=”off” refVal=”5″ objShadow=”off” floor=”off” floorHeight=”42″ lightRotate=”off” vector=”off” mousewheel=”on” Help=”off”] [/canvasio3D]

Tension of Feeding 110V- 230V ± 5% 50/60Hz
Consumption 2,5W max
Current Max 6A (RMS)
Load Min 50 mA (RMS)
Frequency of Vibration 5-140Hz (200Hz on request)
Time of Ramp 0 ÷ 5 sec.
Regulation  0-100%
Automatic input 0/10V – 0/20 mA
Sensor PNP 0/20 sec.
Delay voltage EV air blow 0/5 sec.
Delay alarm  absence pieces 10/180 sec.
On/Off free contact – signal voltage
Degree of Protection IP55 in box
Temperature of Operation –5°C / +55°C
European Norms EMC CE
Guarantee 1 year (from date on circuit)



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