Frequent questions

  1. 1
    Which kind of MP ELETTRONICA controller I can choose to make the electromagnetic vibrator running?

    Before it is necessary you verify the maximum voltage of the vibrator.

  2. 2
    Can I stabilize the variation of Voltage and the Temperature of the electromagnetic vibrator?

    All MP ELETTRONICA’s controllers are stabilized against variations of Voltage and Temperature.

  3. 3
    What is the Ampere range of the MP elettronica controllers?

    3-4-6-8-10-12-25-40-70 Amps.

  4. 4
    What tension can I use?

    All tensions until 550 V single Phase (i.e. 115V-230V-400V-440V-500V).

  5. 5
    Automatic controllers 0/10V-0/20mA are among the MP ELETTRONICA’s products?

    Different models are available with PLC 0/10V-0/20mA input. You can find it in 6Amps products at least, in the entire series “Industrial” CV and in the models CV99- RV6-CV6N-RS96.

  6. 6
    Does MP ELETTRONICA circuits include also ON/OFF input, pad, minimum and maximum vibration’s regulation 3000 Vib/min – 6000 Vib/min?

    MP ELETTRONICA controllers have all the requirements to run linearly your electromagnetic vibrator.

  7. 7
    Which boxes are available for MP ELETTRONICA’s controllers?

    Three kind of boxes are available: plastic box (code R3F-R3FS-R5F-CV99-CV6F  until 6 Amps- IP55), aluminum box (IP65 – until 12 Amps) or metal box (IP55/IP65- until 70 Amps).

  8. 8
    Are available circuits without boxes?

    MP ELETTRONICA controllers are available in the version as circuits IP00/IP20 and/or in the version DIN35 (guide installation DIN35).

  9. 9
    Are available circuits with NPN/PNP sensor?

    MP ELETTRONICA controllers run the NPN/PNP sensors with 2 times’ regulation ON/OFF (code PRX92) and 3 times’ regulation in case of lack of pieces (code PRX99).

  10. 10
    How is it possible to stabilize the vibrator with amplitude sensor?

    The MP ELETTRONICA “Industrial” series CVS runs the vibrator with the amplitude sensor SIND2 – SIND3 for a full vibrator stabilization, including variations due to the weight of the material.

  11. 11
    How can be regulated the vibrator with a controller Amplitude/Frequency?

    The MP ELETTRONICA series “Digital” with microprocessor (code RF4PWM 4A- FQ1PWM 6A- FQ1NDIG until 15A) is the right product. This run the vibrator through the regulation of both Frequency (5/200Hz) and Amplitude (0/100%).

  12. 12
    Are available full systems capable to run linear and bowl vibrators, vibrating hopper or elevators with NPN/PNP sensors?

    In the catalogue MP ELETTRONICA there are modules capable to run multiple vibrating systems according to different combinations (MDL Systems) with 2 or 3 vibrating systems.

  13. 13
    How MP ELETTRONICA’s controllers run elevators and/or belt elevators in single or three-phase tensions?

    The catalogue includes the analogical system (code MTR01) or the digital system (code MTR01DIG) in order to run mechanized systems with the sensor NPN/PNP including the permanent regulation with Inverter.

  14. 14
    How can I precisely measure the voltage of the electromagnetic vibrator considering the difficulties raised by the distorted wave’s shape?

    You can buy the MP ELETTRONICA’s reliable equipment AMP VIB which supports you in measuring precisely the vibrator voltage and its correct setting.

  15. 15
    How can I monitor the vibrator’s vibration and alarm the system if vibrations exceed the minimum or maximum level of vibrations?

    MP ELETTRONICA has a reliable product. It is a vibrations’ monitoring system which includes one vibration sensor and one alarm alerting if minimum or maximum levels of vibrations are exceeded.