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28 July 2020

Italy’s Best Electronic Control Systems Design Company

Proud to share our editorial in the European Enterprise Awards. MP was named as Italy’s Best Electronic Control Systems Design Company. Our experience in electromagnetic feeder controller is our strength since 1985. #mpelettronica #vibratoryfeedercontroller #vibrationcontrol #electromagneticfeeder

6 July 2020

New! Frequency Controller RF4PWM/BDN

MP Elettronica continues to innovate its products, adding functionality and the possibility of working in markets with different Hz without having to mechanically act on the vibrator. Thinking about this, and in particular the dosing field, the RF4PWM / BDN model was born, a frequency controller up to 5 A. Some features are: . Same […]

8 June 2020

CVS Series – Power and Versatility in one unit

MP Elettronica continues to improve its products to offer innovative solutions to its customers. For this reason, MP has decided to combine the characteristics of the CV series and the CV / FS series in a single controller.  The CVS series was created following fundamental points: Power, Versatility, Precision in Stabilization. You can choose to […]

1 June 2020

MCP Series – 1/2/3 Channels for Vibratory Feeder

The MCP series was created to meet a specific need: to have multiple vibrating channels to drive. Vibrating systems consisting of hoppers, both circular and linear are increasingly used in various applications.This series includes controllers capable of managing one, two or three channels. Moreover it can manage up to 4 PNP sensors. All parameters can […]

25 May 2020

Frequency Controller till 15 A

Focusing on frequency controllers and listening to customer requests, MP Elettronica has worked to create a new series, with even higher performing technical characteristics for the electromagnetic vibration industry and with a more attractive design thanks to the graphic display and the keyboard.  This is the N DIG series: controllers up to 15 A with automatic […]

18 May 2020

Frequency Controller PWM

At the end of the 90s, studying the operation of electromagnetic feeders, MP Elettronica anticipated the trend of variable frequency controllers and designed a controller that avoided mechanical tuning for markets operating under different frequencies while maintaining high performance. Thus, the PWM series was born; frequency controllers with a microprocessor that maintain the appearance of […]

11 May 2020

Industrial CV Series

From the very beginning, MP Elettronica focused on the heavy industry. We were among the first in the world to design stabilized vibratory feeder controller for up to 70/100 A for linear vibrating feeders used for example in recycling, mining and steel mills. Furthermore, we have studied the possibility of having an amplitude sensor to keep the vibration constant without spikes. […]