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Smart Series

MP Elettronica has been in the field of electromagnetic vibration for more than 35 years, during the years we have provided solutions for different industries, such as pharma, food and packaging, always offering new innovative and increasingly performing products to customers all over the world. Now we would like to introduce our production, we design […]


Amplitude / Frequency control systems

The Amplitude / Frequency control is a system that can vary voltage value and frequency of an electromagnetic feeder and as a result, the amplitude of vibration.  The PWM signals generation circuit is a critical component in this operation, which is normally made with microcontrollers and relative SW, driving a power stage to generate the […]


How do electromagnetic vibratory feeder works

Vibration is a is a mechanical phenomenon that is used in the manufacturing field to orient and select various types of pieces. For this reason, vibratory feeders are part of numerous processes such as transport, dosing and packaging of different industry: pharma, automotive and food just to name a few. No matter the size, all […]